The Gabriel Method — Total Transformation Online Program

by Admin on April 7, 2014

Jon Gabriel's amazing prgramThe Total Transformation Online Program is an advanced version of Jon Gabriel’s Weight Loss Non-diet Solution. It is billed as “Everything you need to transform your body and life using The Gabriel Method, the only diet-free program for sustainable weight loss. Keep it simple, trust the process, and you’ll be amazed by how quickly things can change. This comprehensive online program walks you step-by-step through the Gabriel Method principles in an easy-to-follow, rich media format.

This online program includes the complete video book, a visualization library, quick & delicious recipes, and bonus seminars and lectures.” I recently reviewed Jon’s Weight Loss Non Diet Solution program and was impressed. This new program is much the same but with more training videos, more visualization videos and motivational lectures (also on video).

While Jon provides some recipes, this is not a diet or even an exercise program. It is a holistic approach that uses educational techniques, self-hypnotism, motivational techniques and visualization. I believe core of the Gabriel Method is explained in Jon’s statement about the mental causes of obesity. He states, “Your body stores fat to protect you from cold temperatures and from starvation—but it also gains fat as it adapts to a modern world that threatens you in ways that your body is not biologically prepared for.

Your body does not know the difference between real danger and perceived danger, so it can mistakenly react to any number of threats by gaining weight.” You mean it’s all in my head? Stress and emotions cause me to unconsciously gain weight? If that is the case then it is very possible The Total Transformation

Online Program makes sense. What are the advantages?

• No extreme dieting. No starving yourself and gaining it all back double time • No heavy exercises and no risk of injury or soreness • No severe metabolic change that could be harmful and difficult to reverse. • I like this program because it safe for any age and any health condition. Disadvantages: • You may find it hard to adjust to a holistic program that uses self-hypnotism

• It will take time and patience on your part. You won’t lose 10 lbs. in a week • Your active participation is essential to success but the work is essentially mental. I always advise you to consult with your doctor before you start a new fitness program.

Feel free to do so if you like. This is a rather unusual program so your doctor can reassure you that there is no risk to you. Also a 100% refund is guaranteed if you request it within 60 days. CLICK HERE to learn more about The Gabriel Method — Total Transformation Online Program

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